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With the settling of the Americas, a sturly arisal in the house of Stuart

King James the firsts work in dialogue on topic of Astrology and ethics in thereto.

The Description of the Rudiments and School, which are the entrees to the art of Magic: And in special the differences betwixt Astronomy and Astrology: Division of Astrology in divers parts.

Phi. But I pray you likewise forget not to tell what are the Devils rudiments.

Epi. His rudiments, I call first in general, all that which is called vulgarly the virtue of words, herb, and stone: which is used by unlawful charms, without natural causes. As likewise all kind of practices, fates, or other like extraordinaries actions, which cannot abide the true touch of natural reason.

Phi. I would have you to make that plainer, by some particular examples;for your proposition is very general.

Epi. I mean either by such kind of Charms as commonly daft wives uses, for healing of forspoken goods, for preserving them from evil eyes, by knitting roun trees, or sundries kind of herbs, to the hair or tails of he goods: By curing the Worm, by stemming of blood, by healing of Horse-crookes, by turning of the riddle, or doing of such like innumerable things by words, without applying any thing, meet to the part offended, as Medicines doe; Or else by staying married folks, to have naturally ado with other, (by knitting so many knots upon a point at the time of their marriage) And such like things, which men uses to practise in their merriness. For unlearned men (being naturally curious, and lacking the true knowledge of God) finds these practises to prove true, as sundry of them will doe, by the power of the Devil for deceiving men, and not by any inherent virtue in these vain words and fates; and being desirous to win a reputation to themselves in such-like turns, they either (if they be of the shame-faster sort) seek to be learned by some that are experimented in that Art, (not knowing it to be evil at the first) or else being of the grosser sort, runs directly to the Devil for ambition of desire of gain, and plainly contracts with him thereupon.

Phi. But me thinks these mean which you call the School and rudimentary of the Devil, are things lawful, and have been approved for such in all times and ages: As in special, this science of Astrology, which is one of the special members of the Mathematics.

Epi. There are two things which the learned have observed from the beginning, in the science of the Heavenly Creatures, the Planets, Stars, and such like: The one is their course and ordinary motions, which for that cause is called Astronomy: Which word is a compound of (nomos) and (asteron) that is to say, the law of the Stars: And this art indeed is one of the members of the Mathematics, and not only lawful, but most necessaries and commendable. The other is called Astrology, being compounded of (asteron) and (logos) which is to say, the word, and preaching of the stars: Which is divided in two parts: The first by knowing thereby the powers of simples, and sicknesses, the course of the seasons and the weather, being ruled by their influence: which part depending upon the former, although it be not of it self a part of Mathematics: yet it is not unlawful, being moderately used, suppose not so necessary and commendable as the former. The second part is to trust so much to their influences, as thereby to fore-tell what common-wells shall flourish or decay: what persons shall be fortunate or unfortunate: what side shall win in any battle: What man shall obtain victories at singular combat: What way, and of what age shall men die: What horse shall win at match-running; and diverse others have more curiously then profitably written at large. Of this root last spoken of, springs innumerable branches; such as the knowledge by the nativities; the Clairvoyancy, Geomancy, Hydromancy, Arithmetic, Physiognomy: and a thousand others: which were much practised, and holden in great reverence by the Gentles of old. And this last part of Astrology whereof I have spoken, which is the root of their branches, was called by them luck (pars fortunae). This part now is utterly unlawful to be trusted in, or practised amongst christians, as leaning to no ground of natural reason: and it is this part which I called before the devils school.

Phi. But yet many of the learned are of the contrary opinion.

Epi. I grant, yet I could give my reasons to fortify and maintain my opinion, if to enter into this disputation it wold not draw me quite off the ground of our discourse; besides the mis-spending of the whole day thereupon: One word only I will answer to them, and that in the Scriptures (which must be an infallible true ground to all true Christians) That in the Prophet Jeremie it is plainly forbidden, to believe or hearken unto them that Prophecies and fore-speaks by the course of the Planets and Stars.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The book series was reduced after a evaluation on its merits. A trilogy now is ready, and a Professional Publisher is sought too.

Additionally several advancements have given great credence to our agreements, however the relationship with the Subsidiary Publisher has fallen into disrepute. Evaluations of Christ Nature was conceived as a integral medical advancement, and Guidelines for Public Music Appreciation for the general public with business at the point of sale. Horiscorpio was setup and is now seeking Equity in order to create a Archive of Qualities, as Romanitcally envisaged in Versistasis. The actual system is realistic and the future looks a bright one, now thanks to my father Peter Raymond for his tireless work and the fortune of a quater million I inherited from his passing. It was with these funds I (Jason Jowett, 2nd son of Peter) was able to remain clear of employment for enough time (and supportive measures) to facilitate my own independant development to such a degree. God bless you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Christ informed heritage

There has been a lot of talk about the lineage of Jesus Christ, following in wake of the Da Vinci Code anyways. So I wanted to develope an understanding of a deeper metaphysical system after thinking over these ideas and that of the Catholic Churchs position today on the possibility (or actuality) of Jesus of Nazareth having procreated. Because its upsetting to me to hear from those who disregard his life as important, when Christians have supremely fomented the global reforms we see today in this amazing age of technology. These reasons were behind my attempts to further develop my understanding of the Christian ethos on the fundamental levels (by integrated Judaic studies) so outwardly in the face of media hype and general sensationalism of the press and social environments on whole I can enforce Christian ideology with capable hands.

For this monumental task I fathomed a concept based on Platonic philosophy of which I most closely resonated with. I typified the nature of the Forms through qualities, those inherent to the human condition as a whole. Such 'Forms' as Passage or Relations I thought to be the integral facets of conditioning upon the human psyche and as necessary constituents, they belonged of the title 'Christ' as a Form would be to a form, by titled qualities of human presence. By this similar reasoning I decided that these typifications were constrained by the closest bonds of human society: family, and exist authoritatively by the same reason for the covenant demanding one to honor their parents. Since ownership of self has naturalistic duties, one can easily ascertain an informal cognitive definition of qualities of life, in standardised titles under sublime control -inferred qualities.
However if genetic heritage had the power to corrode or thus set the very fundamental fabric of my mental coherency through ownership of supreme human traits in which I am partaking, then there should be a tapestry likened to my family tree, and one visible or at least prevalent energetically in the daily motion of my life.
I decidedly restricted the potential of the genetic line in the formulating theory and its ability to divulge upon individual motion through implicit conditions in composite understanding of this presence as the faith driven totality of motion within the cosmos, and so restricted it at the only feasible stage, that equally divided by the perimeter of an extended quality as an archetype like the solar system is, systemically constricted by size. In such, a personification of the quality was still required to bind the concept to language and allow identification for secular reasoning.
So all up I formally extended the concept of nature which connotes only non-human affairs, to Christ Nature and deemed this as a necessary cosmic principle in understanding both human beings, individuality, society and the mechanical constructs of the universe in light of the adaptive Form. I created hence a new term for the inter-woven associability between those of the genetic line as so contrived by a personified Christ Quality, as Versistasis, which has implicit connotation to God as a levelling force for 'stasis', or the still, quiet or calm of a rhythmic consistency so ascribed to everything. This can only be atemporal and 'aspacial' as a fractally synchronized ordered understanding of time-space that I would so propose for the beginning of a theory of Everything.
My novel series 'Versistasis', Raider Publishing, addresses these and more relevant concepts to the evolutionary Human. It's the beginning of the Raider Series in fact, with book 2 Simbiotica planned for release this Christmas, and book 3 Tetranomicon on the turn of the new financial year 2012. With everything running to schedule, book 4, Spectronomy, will be ready and on sale by the solstice December 2012. Fingers crossed.
Jason Steven Jowett